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Grange meeting was 350 years old in 2010. Not only is this an unmissable opportunity to appreciate and celebrate the dedication of our forefathers but it was a year when the present members and attenders were and still are faced with the challenge making good the damage caused by the very 350 years of time, which we are celebrating.

Click on the picture to find out about our restoration details.

Click on this picture to obtain directions.


Click on the 1960 picture of the inside of the meeting house and read about the history of Grange Friends Meeting


Grange Friends Meet for Worship on Sundays at 11 am. Everybody is welcome.

Sunday school is held at 11.30 am.(Depending on numbers) when the children leave the main meeting and enter what is known as the Old Meeting House. This, as the name suggests is the original Grange Meeting house which dates back to 1760.