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When we look back to the start of our restoration it seemed an endless task with goals which, at the time, seemed well out of our reach. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our members, friends, neighbours, and Visitors we finally reached our goal and now enjoy Grange returned to the splendour our forefathers worked hard to achieve 200 years ago.


Grange Meeting house in 1960                                                                           50 years later, 2010                                                               
I have left a few pictures so you can see some of the tasks faces by the restoration team. Soon I will replace them with new pictures of Grange in 2015. Let us appreciate Grange as it is today, plan for tomorrow and let yesterdays problems pass into history.






  Gallery east wall                                         ceiling showing signs of damp                                             

  Poor repairs from the past          






The Sandstone  suffered from years of weathering which  caused erosion mainly on the North and South walls. Stones which were beyond saving were removed and replaced with locally sourced sandstone and the complete building repointed in the traditional fashion using  lime mortar. The old rusty gates have been remade keeping as much as possible of their old fittings and character.


We thank God for this wonderful place and we trust he has plans to use Grange for his Good.