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Following the Launch of the Grange Chronicles and the celebration of the completion of the "New Meeting House" restoration, we are pleased to offer a package containing three books :

The Chronicles of Grange 1960-2016  Compiled by M. Kathleen Hobson.

A Historical Sketch of Grange Meeting Compiled by George R. Chapman. 1660-1960

The buildings, parks and graveyards at Grange. Complied by M. Kathleen Hobson 2016

You can purchase the three books for £10 plus £2 for recorded postage if required.

please email

or phone 02887727007.





Everyone from the top of Scotland to the bottom of England, from Coleraine to Cork, every little Meeting house who responded to our call for financial assistance, every member of our meeting and their Friends who dipped deep into their pockets all should feel so proud of what they are a part of. Our forefathers placed Grange Meeting house in our care. Without your dedication, generosity and Faith this project would not be possible. Considering our economic climate we have much to be thankful for.