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Grange Friends Meeting House Burial Ground Regulations.

We wish to remind all our members, attenders and those with special permission to be buried in Grange Friends Meeting Burial Ground that there are strict guidelines as to the size of headstone erected and any inscription thereon.

These were minuted by Yearly Meeting in 1856 and are still currently upheld.

The regulations are laid out in a seperate document from Grange and Richhill Monthly Meeting, but to summarize the main points regarding gravestones are:There should be uniformity with respect to materials, size and form of the gravestones.


The gravestone should not exceed 36 inches (90 centimeters) in height or 24 inches (60 centimeters) wide.


The inscription should be in black, white or leaded plain Roman lettering and confined to the name, designation, date of death and age of the deceased.

Age may be designated by date of birth and death.

There should be no other statement, text or wording on the gravestone.

At a special Preparative Meeting at Grange held on Sunday 19th November 2006 it was also agreed that: No headstone is to be erected without the premises committee being informed as to the desired inscription and the approval for such being granted.

This is common practice for most other Friends Burial Grounds and other local churches.


The burial fees will be collected by the undertaker at the time of burial and passed on to the meeting treasurer. Burial fees are revised by Monthly Meeting on a regular basis.


Any date recorded on the gravestone should be in the recognized traditional Quaker format, where months are numbered rather than named. This practice, was adopted as Quakers refused to acknowledge the Roman gods after which the months were named.


We trust all members and attenders will accept these regulations and inform all members of their family so that these issues will be discussed prior to their death and will not cause distress at the time of death